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The Lexus LFA was Toyota's answer to the modern-day supercar and they really created something special, however, the LFA was released 12 years ago already and we haven't seen a completely new generation made and added to the mix, well, at least not until now!

Toyota has officially announced that they are not only going to be making a few new cars here and there, but their entire fleet is going to be completely refreshed and it will include an entire electric lineup offering, some vans and trucks as well as some saloon cars and sports cars that includes a possible new MR2 and a brand new Lexus LFA that will have the ability to reach 0 - 62 MPH in just 2 seconds!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Car Wow on the New Lexus LFA revealed... and it'll hit 60mph in TWO seconds!

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