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This BMW E36 build is terrific, and it was all done by a 16-year-old.

Craig Coleman is a 16-year-old Irishman whose family have built some of the finest modified cars in Ireland. Today, though, is all about him.

You see, Craig has channelled his family's collective knowledge and built this modified BMW E36 all by himself. He purchased it as a bone-stock dark blue BMW 318iS when he was just 14.

Over the year-and-a-half that followed, he saved the money he made from working weekends and holidays while slowly building the car up. The day he got it, he started prepping it for paint, and that was the start of an incredible journey.

Besides having someone lay down the paint for him, every other modification was done by Craig. He fitted the widebody kit, spoilers and diffuser, and got his hands on a set of aggressive wheels.

He installed bags and got the car, literally, onto the ground. The regular drive height is still super low, and the custom exhaust with shotgun pipes out of the back has a tendency to scrape on speedbumps.

Inside, there is a pair of bright red Bride bucket seats, custom gauges and other tidbits, like pressure monitors for the bag system.

At the time of publishing, the motor was still stock, but that will inevitably change as time goes on. Which is not a problem considering Craig is too young to actually drive it on the road.

It's still a work in progress, with more modifications to come. But, before that happens, check out the video by YouTubers, Drift Game, as they have a chat with this youngster with a petrolhead's passion.

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