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Check out these rather odd but practical microcars from Amsterdam.

The Dutch are known for liking practicality over status and image and it shows in their choice of transport and its not only bicycles, they have a taste for microcars as well which make the Smart Car look like an SUV in comparison.

In most other countries around the world, when you think of a small car you would probably guess something on the lines of a Mini Cooper, Suzuki Swift, Smart Car and maybe an Opel Adam. But if you think of the cars that were available in the past such as the original Fiat 500 and BMW Isetta, the small cars we're familiar with today are in fact really large.

Amsterdam is a large and highly dense city but fortunately, the public transport system is efficient and reliable that consists of busses, trams and trains and the dutch love their bicycles which work incredibly well as an alternative, but there is another option and that is microcars which are so small they are legally allowed to drive on the bicycle lanes!

Take a look at the video below on Amsterdam's microcars by YouTube channel: Not Just Bikes.

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