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This is the challenge: can Ricky from throtl modify his Kia Stinger in one day... Let's find out!

The challenge seems simple enough until you realise that they're not just popping on some mags and a gearshift knob. Nope, they're installing new brakes and suspension, as well as tuning the engine and doing aesthetic changes too.

Ricky from throtl has had this Kia Stinger for a while but has never got around to doing any modifications to it. Well, now it's time, and he gets his buddy, Nick from Car Tuner who has a heavily modified Stinger, to give him a hand.

These may not be the craziest of modifications to do, but it's enough to keep one busy for 24-hours, not to mention giving the car more power and a custom feel. Click play to see the modifications unfold and compare the before and after result.

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