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This new mobile app for car enthusiasts will ensure you never miss a car meet.

Over this past weekend, if you have logged onto any form of social media, you would have probably seen the sponsored advertisement for a new mobile app called "CarMeets".

It is such a simple idea, we can not believe something like this hasn't been done before, or at least to CarMeets intricacy and effectiveness.

First off, as you'd probably have guessed already, the main concept of this mobile app, called CarMeets, is to make sure you are informed of all car meets hosted in your area all of the time! Isn't it frustrating when you see the pics of an awesome car meet that was hosted and you didn't know about it? Well, with CarMeets you'll never have to worry about missing a car meet again!

More so, are you one for hosting your own car meets? Then CarMeets mobile app is for you. CarMeets allows a user to host their own car meet and publicise their location and time of the event to other CarMeets users and invite them to join.

And if that's not mindblowing enough, CarMeets allows users to drive with each other in real-time, finding new users nearby, warning other CarMeets users of hazards in an area and general communication.

Each CarMeets user has a profile with a fully interactive feed where a user can share pics of their cars, discuss mods, and sell and buy from other users.

Shazam, Instagram, Facebook and whatever other mobile apps you use the most will surely become obsolete once you install CarMeets!

Download Car Meets mobile app on IOS and Android here

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