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Take a look at the new Mercedes S Class interior and it's incredible, to say the least.

When you think of the history of the Mercedes brand and with what other brands they are associated with such as Maybach, usually one thing comes to mind and that is luxury and comfortability.

Mercedes has revealed images of how the interior of their new S Class will look like and we must say it is incredible!

At first glance of the front seats, you can clearly see they have adopted a few ideas from what Tesla is doing with the large touch screen display in the centre of the dashboard to control most of the features of the car, but, unlike Tesla, it also has a digital cluster behind the steering wheel for the driver to keep an eye on the car's telemetry.

All passenger seats also have built-in massages and heating and cooling capabilities, including the armrests. Passengers can also enjoy sufficient legroom as well as a built-in tablet for entertainment.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: LaterClips on the new Mercedes S Class interior.

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