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It may seem like we're stepping on sacred territory by asking this question. Which one is better between a Nissan R34 GTR and the R35 GTR? The R34 has a fan base and following like no other car in history, but can the two-decades old R34 even be compared to a modern-day R35 GTR?

For its time, the R34 was an incredible piece of automotive engineering so good that it was even banned in various forms of motorsport. But it was by no means perfect. The R34 GTR, although very powerful for its time, had brake performance issues and, with its rear-wheel steering or "Hicas" system, if the car were to lose traction, it would eat through tyres excessively.

But specs and performance figures alone don't necessarily dictate whether a car is good or not. The R34 GTR has a trick up its sleeve, it was a brilliantly balanced platform and handling was exceptional.

In the other hand, the R35 GTR is, quite frankly, a bit better in each and every aspect you could think of. From its 0-60mph to its quarter-mile time, power figures, Nurburgring lap time, interior and features, it towers over the R34.

More importantly, though, there is a bigger issue with the R34... its current market price. Decent and legal models hover around the $250,000 price in the United States. For that money, you can get a Lamborghini Huracan, which puts the GTR R34 to shame.

Take a look at the video below by the Youtube channel, Craig Lieberman, on the R34 vs R35 GTR: Which is better?

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