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Vehicles that are lifted and fitted with snow tracks make us happy. It doesn’t matter which vehicle it is, it just looks cool. If we won the US lotto (not the SA one, the exchange rate is shite) we’d make a plan to buy Ken Block’s highly modified Raptor on tracks. Cleetus made a cool one with his offroader thingy and Heavy D Sparks went next level by outfitting an old yellow American school bus with massive tracks so that he could play in the snowy mountains with all of his mates on board. Nissan has just created a concept car that employs snow tracks, and it changes the looks of the rather mundane-looking new X-Trail into something that we’d happily part in our theoretical garage at our theoretical Aspen mansion. The base for this concept is the X-Trail e-4ORCE, the hybrid-electric people carrier that has the performance of an old-school hatchback at best. What it does have that makes a difference is an all-wheel drive drivetrain that can easily power a set of four snow tracks. "The development of the X-Trail Mountain Rescue and the surrounding campaign is a bold and innovative way to help consumers understand the benefits of Nissan's advanced electrified all-wheel drive system e-4ORCE. Thousands of winter sports enthusiasts passing through the five ski stations will see and understand the peace of mind and poise that X-Trail equipped with e-4ORCE delivers on the road." said Coralie Musy, Vice President, Brand & Customer Experience, Nissan AMIEO region. She added: "Over and above the demonstration of the advanced Nissan technology, the campaign also has a wider purpose which is to encourage responsible behaviour among the community of winter sports enthusiasts. Nissan defies the ordinary – both in its use of technology, but also in the role it plays in society."

To give the e-4ORCE everything it needs to be able to reach and help stranded or trapped people in a snowstorm, a comprehensive list of modifications and upgrades was required. Mods to turn the X-Trail into a capable mountain rescue vehicle are extensive and include the snow tracks in each corner, removal of the rear seats to accommodate an evacuation stretcher that can fit an injured person, a bespoke roof rack, a siren, a flashing light bar with powerful lights, widened fenders front and rear, revised bumpers with the front featuring an electric winch, reinforced tow-hooks front and rear, side steps, and an array of technical gear strewn throughout the cabin that helps keep the rescuers in contact with victims and whoever else they need. The whole thing was lifted by 23 cm to accommodate the tracks and to give the car a better ride height to clear obstacles out in the wild. They work well on the hybrid, the electrified twin-motor e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system can react to changing levels of grip in 1/10,000th of a second, approximately 1000 times quicker than a traditional all-wheel drive system, and it can adjust the distribution of power to the wheels individually, according to the available grip. The e-4ORCE will be able to confidently traverse wet urban, leafy suburban, muddy country or snowy mountain roads. The Nissan X-Trail Mountain Rescue initiative already supports a campaign in five European ski resorts under the banner of "Ride Responsibly" where Nissan helps promote courteous slope etiquette via digital signs that encourage snow riders to slow down where different slopes meet to reduce the risk of collision. The X-Trail Mountain Rescue Concept will be displayed in a glass box at the popular Italian ski resort of Cervinia. Fingers are crossed that it makes it to production, at least in a limited run to get them out to necessary snowy venues.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the capabilities of the absolutely amazing Nissan X-Trail e-4ORCE concept that really should make it into production because not only does it looks just freaking brilliant, but also because it really can help with rescues in hard-to-reach places after heavy snow storms or avalanches or whatever else happens in snowy mountains: Nissan X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept with e-4ORCE: Ride Responsibly | Nissan Europe

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