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Photographer gets smacked with car parts and debris during a crash at the drag strip.

Being a car photographer at the drags can be a lot of fun, making sure you're there nice and early, get the best viewpoint and witness all the exciting action unfold in front of your eyes. Being able to capture those 1000hp moments on camera that you can share with the world is magical!

But, you have to keep in mind that you're actually in a very dangerous spot. Why do you think you need special permission to access those restricted areas of the track? It's not to simply get permission to take photographs or capture video footage, it's to allow the track to put your life at risk. Most of the time the race track officials will get you to sign an indemnity waiver form to protect themselves in the event of a fatal crash which can happen at any moment.

That is exactly what happened at Darlington Dragway in South Carolina. A few photographers were lined up on the side of the drag strip after the lights went green, one drag car spun out, hitting the side wall right in front of the photographer, spraying him with car debris. Fortunately, he wasn't severely hurt.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, TheRacingVids, titled Norman Bryson Crash From Woodstock.

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