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Porsche have developed a brand new turbo design that is absolutely genius!

For decades, car manufacturers have been including the use of forced induction by means of turbo chargers as they offer a fantastic boost in power while simultaneously offering better fuel economy.

Some haters out there will argue the fact that cutting displacement on naturally aspirated cars and replacing them with a smaller displacement combined with forced induction is killing the love of cars, but that has been proven time and time again to be a very subjective point of view as the benefits of turbo chargers outweigh the advantages of naturally aspirated alternatives greatly.

However, with that said, turbo chargers are not perfect. The biggest downside of having a turbocharger is turbo lag, the delay in response between the moment you put your foot on the accelerator and feeling the power kick in. Plus, you have to keep in mind that compressed air also generates heat that has to be cooled as well which is why a turbo charger system is rather intricate.

Porsche on the other hand has developed a brand new system that makes use of a generator that powers an electric motor to spin the compressor quicker that in return drastically reduces turbo lag. This technology isn't necessarily new, however, Porsche has redesigned this technology from the ground up and has also designed it to deal with heat distribution far more efficiently so this new design not only reduces turbo lag but also improves on cooling by a substantial amount, thus essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Driven Media on Porsche's Genius New Turbo Design...

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