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Porsche is going to unleash a limited-run 911 Turbo S into the automotive world called the Exclusive Series Coupe. 

For $257,500 you get 27 horsepower over a Turbo S, for a total of 607 horsepower and a host of Porsche Exclusive options. Acceleration is not changed much with the extra power, 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, although 124mph is achieved 0.3 seconds quicker than before on the way to a 205mph top speed. 

The golden-yellow metallic paint and other appearances bits strewn about already make this car unique, with center-locking 20-inch wheels in black with golden accents, plus black and gold brake calipers, all this should fulfill your color-matching dreams!

Carbon fibre finds it way throughout, with strips of it in the roof and trunk lid. A new rear fascia, twin tailpipes in black and plenty of badges adorn the exterior to finish off the 911 Exclusive look!

Do not expect to see this design all over, as only 500 911 Turbo Exclusives will be sold worldwide. There is no sale date yet, but orders can be placed through your friendly Porsche dealer soon!

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