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Rims or Wheels? Which term do you use the most, which one is actually correct, and is there actually a difference? Let's finally put an end to the wheel vs rim debate.

The debate between which term is correct to use, rims or wheels, has been around for decades already. But, it seems as if it has reached a point where everyone needs to find out which is the correct term to use... so, let's figure it out and settle it once and for all!

First of all, you won't be wrong calling a wheel a rim or vice versa but, as it stands, the majority census seems to be that a wheel is technically a rim plus a tyre fitted, and a rim is a wheel without a tyre. Mind blown after realising how simple the answer is?

Well, that pretty much settles it... although, according to the dictionary, a rim is just that: a rim on the outside of a wheel that the tyre attaches to. Damn it. And, what about the term 'mag'? Mags are wheels without tyres like rims but, traditionally, a mag is a rim made of magnesium alloy!

So, is the jury still out or is the debate over? Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Fitment Industries, titled Putting An End To The Wheel VS. Rim Debate, and decide for yourself.

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