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We love watching a genius at work, this time it's a dude called Nakai-San as he creates the first Royal wide RWB in Europe, the Porsche 911 964 C4 named 'HIBIKI'.

According to YouTube channel, Profusion Customs, the "UK’s first RWB Porsche 911 964 C4, named 'HIBIKI' by Nakai-San, was built in August 2016 for father Jag and son Raj Jagdev, proud owners of Profusion Customs Stainless Steel Exhaust specialists near Heathrow Airport in the UK. This car was also the first Royal wide RWB in Europe.

"Akira Nakai San, the founder of RAUH-Welt Begriff (Rough World), started in a small town in Chiba Japan over 30 years ago, progressing and building a network of enthusiasts from around the world all wanting a part of his creations and share the epic journey.

"We hope you enjoy this video documenting the build process which took place at Profusion Customs workshop in London on the 14th August 2016, we would like to thank the worldwide fans for taking part and making history."

Well, chaps, we most certainly did and this vehicle is stunning. Enjoy the video, dear readers, and I hope it inspires those of you among us who have the talent to take on a project like this.

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