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This unfortunate Dodge Hellcat was completely burnt-out in a house fire. But that didn't stop the D.I.Y Gang from rebuilding it to its former glory.

Yup, most people would rightly pass on a project like this one. Honestly, who in their right mind would try rebuilding a burnt-out Dodge Hellcat? The answer is the team at D.I.Y Gang on YouTube.

That's right, this completely wrecked Hellcat was burnt-out in a tragic fire and left to rot in a scrapyard. Eager to put themselves to the test and offer the Hellcat a new lease on life, the dudes salvaged the car and brought it home. Then set about rebuilding it from the ground up. A near-impossible task made possible with teamwork and tons of blood, sweat and tears.

Keen to find out how they did it? Then hit the play button on the video to find out.

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