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Most of us had a fire truck as a toy, but do we know how they actually work? Let's hop on board with Nolan from Donut Media as he fulfils a life-long dream spending time with one.

Fire trucks are great but, besides a few hoses and some ladders, do you know what else is on board and how they actually work? For instance, did you know they keep climbing and camping equipment in one of the multitudes of storage spaces?

Thanks to the kind people at the Oxnard Fire Department in California, Nolan from Donut gets some time to explore their latest purchase, a 2020 Pierce Fire Truck, customised to their specifications. It's a beast of a truck, with a Detroit DD13 12.8-litre, inline-six turbodiesel under its mechanically operated cab.

There's so much to talk about, so hit that play button and find out all there is to know about this incredible rig.

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