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It may look hideous nowadays, but this minivan was a legend of the 90s, all thanks to Pimp My Ride. In fact, many of our fans were probably born after the show ended... but what is it worth today?

A minivan like this deserves a place in a museum because of its cultural influence on millions of Pimp My Ride fans around the world.

Yes, it's over the top, with a hideous colour scheme and very little in terms of practicality – especially for a minivan – but it is a perfect representation of the world of modification back in the 90s.

Fellow YouTuber, Tavarish, found the fan rotting away in a parking lot and decided to restore it. He then gifted it to Tyler of Hoovies Garage for Xmas, and that's where we find ourselves in the video below.

Tyler, whose pre-teen daughter loves the van, soon realised that it wasn't going to be a practical family vehicle, regardless of what it looked like on the outside. Instead, drawing on its 15-minutes-of-fame, he decided to get it appraised to find out what it's worth and to put somewhere safe for posterity.

Hopefully to remind us that history is important... and that TV screens are not particularly good footrests.

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