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This Nissan Skyline was heading for the junkyard, but then it received a glorious transformation.

The guys from the YouTube channel, illiminate, got their hands on this Nissan Skyline and turned it from junkyard dog into a speed freak. The car was in a junkyard in Japan where they purchased it and brought it over to the US. 

First up was figuring out what was wrong with it. The list wasn't too long, but it definitely needed some TLC. Over the best part of a year, they slowly got through the project. They cleaned it up, changed the steering wheel, fitted new bumpers, wing and side-skirts, and then wrapped it. They rolled the wheel arches, lowered the suspension and put some mags on it.

The biggest issue was that this four-door Skyline had an auto box so that needed to be replaced with a manual, including a short-shift gear lever. They also fitted bucket seats, upgraded the brakes and fitted five-lug hubs to accommodate new, bigger mags and tyres.

After welding the diff to make drifts easier, they decided to replace the stock motor with a turbocharged RB25 from another Skyline and swapped out the stock coil packs for new ones for an Audi.

After that, it was off for another wrap and another set of wheels. It's a great video to watch, and a terrific project too, so go ahead and click on the play button to see the transformation.

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