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The chaps at TheHoonigans have got something special to show you, take a look at this amazing Subaru WRX with a Skyline GTR drivetrain.

The car is quite something just to look at. For instance, the flared fenders, bonnet and front spoiler are all carbon fibre and its rear bumper is taken from a Dodge Viper. The wheels are huge and hide excellent Brembos for stopping power.

The interior has also received an overhaul. It's got a six-point roll cage, Takata seats and harnesses and modifications to the centre stack including an in-built iPad.

And then it's time to see what's under the bodywork. Somehow, the owner has managed to squeeze in a Nissan Skyline GTR RB26 motor with a huge turbocharger under the hood, attached to the complex R34 drivetrain that turns either just the rear or all four wheels at the flick of a switch.

The video below by TheHoonigans goes into detail of all these incredible modifications and is excellent viewing for anyone interested in custom builds.


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