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Check out these famous sports stars that have some sick rides!

Would famous sports stars, celebrities and radical, expensive and exclusive cars go together like eggs and bacon, but what is interesting about that?

Well, some of them actually have some incredible custom built cars which are what we'll focus on today.

Take a look at this list compiled by the YouTube channel, Donut Media, on these 11 Athletes with surprising cars:

11: Stone Cold Steve Austin

1988 Dodge RAM Charger. Steve kept the original V8 engine in his RAM and added a lift kit and some hardcore offroad tyres! Steve also owns a private jet, a Lamborghini and a number of other cars too, but this one is sure badass!

10: Kevin Durant

Chevrolet Camaro. Kevin Durant's pride and joy is his Camaro, but what makes it special are his modifications. This car has not been blacked out, but rather "redded" out, everything from the paint job to the tyres to the front grilles and interior, this car can't go unnoticed!

9: Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is one of the most hardcore UFC fighters around! She also made an appearance in Fast and Furious 7, and is clearly doing incredibly well for herself! She has owned Corvette's, Escalade's, BMW's and even Ford F350s, but her most incredible car is her stock standard Honda Accord which she still owns today. Not because of what it is but for what it meant to her when she was still finding her feet. She said that at one point she used to sleep in her car because things got so bad!

8: Diego Najera

Professional skateboarder, Diego Najera, doesn't have time for supercars or gangsta G Wagons. He would much rather spend his hard-earned cash into one of the most money-hungry legends ever made, the Nissan 180SX!

7: Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan managed to make one of the most speed-focussed and mental cars even more badass! Hulk Hogan owns a custom Dodge Vipre V12.

6: Daniel Norris

Major league baseball pitcher, Daniel Norris, takes a more humble approach to his car-buying decisions, with his 1978 Volkswagen Bus.

5: Seimone Augustus

WNBA professional, Seimone Augustus, owns a classic Chevrolet Impala. It's not uncommon for celebrities to own classic cars, but this is Seimone's daily driver!

4: Jackie Chan

As much of a professional actor as Jackie Chan is, he is also a professional martial artist! Jackie Chan is without a doubt a huge fan of Mitsubishi, with his most iconic personal car being his modified Mitsubishi Evo.

3: Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq started his hugely successful career as a professional basketball player and then somehow ended up as an actor and part-time standup comedian. Nevertheless, his most incredible car is without a doubt his Vader kit car.

2: Bucky Lasek

Lasek is well known for kids who grew up with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game, and he is without a doubt one of the worlds best professional skateboarders. However, he is also a huge car guy, so much in fact, that he ditched skateboarding and decided to become a professional race car driver, signing with Subaru in 2012. His most impressive car being his heavily modified Subaru WRX.

1: John Cena

Cena is obviously worth a fortune and, with that and being a huge car guy, comes some rather interesting collectables. John Cena owns a C7 Corvette with an insane body kit which completely renders the car unrecognisable! His Corvette is nicknamed the Incinarator.

Take a look at Donut Media's video below by on 11 Athletes With Surprising Cars.

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