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Date: 2018-09-18

Sxdrv Episode 1:

Sxdrv Episode 1:

Sxdrv Episode 1:

Sxdrv Episode 1:

Sxdrv Episode 1:

As an avid SXdrv fan, you likely know that most of the videos we publish revolve around lovely ladies and mean-as-heck performance vehicles, so we decided to do something new and show you what happens at SXdrv HQ, like a road-trip to Cullinan, to get those videos made.

Welcome to the first episode of SXdrv's new YouTube channel, where we invite you to join us on our misadventures as we put together the amazing content you love to consume.

The inspiration for episode 1: 'AutoPilot' was created when our producers organised a meeting with a potential model, the lovely Leila Lerm, scheduled to be held in the mining town of Cullinan, just over 90km away from our offices in Johannesburg. They figured they could grab some cameras and make a day of the road-trip and interview with her – and then decided to throw in a couple of other surprises too.

Enter Chris, Roscoe and Mike, three lucky team members who were told to meet in their own cars – a Toyota 86, VW Polo GTI (R-line) and a mighty Rice-Is-Nice Mazda RX-8 – at a location just outside Hartebeespoort Dam, nowhere near the office, and await further instructions. This is where the road-trip begins when you join them in the video below.

To their surprise, not only do they receive the happy news of their GPS-free mission to Cullinan but also a couple of extra challenges too, including masking-tape and a chilli (or four) to make things more exciting.

It's hilarious, for the producers at least, and informative as they give you a rundown of the Toyota 86, R-Line Polo and stunning RX-8 as they traverse the countryside on their mission.

Please take a look and don't forget to leave us a comment on our Facebook page, we'd love to get your feedback, comments and suggestions so we can make the next ones even better!

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