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Tamara Seduces Godzilla!

Tam-Tam unleashes her enchanting beauty as we face her off with the dauntlessly sexy Liberty Walk Nissan R35 GT-R!
The Japanese legend has hit our shores, in its evolved form, but dont panic! Tamara-Chanel Voges seductively calms the King of Lizards, to minimal revs with her sassy curves and piercing ice blue eyes!    

Models specs

Name/Model: Tamara-Chanel Voges
Nickname: Tambo or Tam
Age: 19
Hometown: Originally from PE but now a proud Bergie (Johannesburg)
Nationality: South African
Bra size: Haha, quite large I’d say.
Height: 180 cm

Car Specs

Model: 2015 Nissan R35 GT-R
Power: Enough to beat most supercars
Engine: HKS power upgrade kit, Armytrix Racing Titanium Valvetronic Exhaust, Twin intercooler
Exterior: Liberty Walk LB WORKS bodykit, custom front bumper struts, custom front bumper canards, Carbon fiber ducktail rear spoiler, Carbon fiber mirrors, Seibon DS-style carbon fiber hood, custom sticker kit, custom fitted DRLS
Interior: Carbon fiber interior replacement panels
Wheels: 20×11 front and 20×12 rear Forgiato Maglia-ECL wheels with exposed screws, Toyo Proxes R888 semi-slick tyres
Brakes: Factory Brembo performance brakes
Suspension: Airrex digital air suspension


Q: What do you like most about the car you modelled with?  
A: It’s the first Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R in South Africa. What more could you want!

Q: In 3 words or more describe how the car felt to sit in wearing only your bikini / lingerie? 
A: Very very intense.

Q: What is your dream car? 
A: Hmm, that is a tough one. I’m stuck between the Novitec Lamborghini Aventador and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale. Okay I’m done!

Q: Do you prefer manual or auto cars?  
A: I really do like being in control, so I’d say manual. I have a need for speed and could definitely be in the next ‘Fast & Furious’, however, in this Joburg traffic, automatic is a basic need.

Q: If it was an apocalypse and you were the last woman left on earth, which 3 cars would you steal first? 
A: Obviously my Lamborghini Aventador, a BMW i8 just in case I somehow cause pollution and I’d like a luxurious RV to travel around in, and if somehow zombies appear, I can make a quick getaway!

Q: What kind of car do you drive? 
A: I have an absolutely gorgeous Peugeot 208.

Q: Do you have a name for your car? 
A: Well of course, her name is Purry the Peugeot!

Q: Is it true that a man treats his woman like he treats his car? 
A: From what I’ve seen, men treat their cars better than any lady.

Q: Do you know how to change a tyre? 
A: Why do you even have a car if you don’t know how to change a tyre... of course I do!

Q: What is currently in the boot of your car? 
A: My spare wheel and emergency flat tyre kit, my gym bag, my water polo equipment and clothing.

Q: Who are better drivers, Men or Woman? 
A: Such a sexist question...

Q: If you were forced to choose between a car, a horse, or a bike, which one would you take? 
A: Definitely a car as I am scared of horses and bikes!

Q: If you were to choose one body part to sell to own your dream car, which part would it be? 
A: My appendix because really, who needs that? ;)

Q: What are you wearing right now? 
A: Socks, grey long pants and a hoodie J

Q: Are you single? 
A: I am single but I have someone in mind and we are speaking. 

Q: If yes to above - What kind of car would you prefer your future boyfriend to have?
A: Beggars can’t be choosers hey haha so I don’t mind what car he has, as long as he is able to visit me and take me on dates.

Q: Have you ever had sex in a car? 
A: Maybe, maybe not ;)

Q: Other than a hot car, what else do you consider a turn on in a man? 
A: Ambition and being well presented – style is a must!

Q: Does size really matter? 
A: It’s all about how you use it, unless you are really useless.

Q: Have you ever tried sucking someone’s pinky toe while making out? 
A: Oh hell NO!

Q: Have you ever done a striptease? 
A: Who hasn’t?

Q: What is the strangest thing a random person has done to you while driving? 
A: Well, as I stated earlier I have a need for speed, and when I am driving my Mom’s Mercedes A-Class or my Dad’s BMW 3 series, I find that a lot of guys driving GTI’s love racing against me, especially on William Nicol, I have no idea why, but they just do. I obviously win though ;)







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