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A third-party counterweight product, designed to cheat the Tesla Autopilot system into thinking the driver is alert at all times and ready to take over when needed, causes outrage...

A tech company by the name of TapTes developed a simple device that is capable of cheating the Tesla Autopilot system. Tesla vehicles definitely have the ability to cruise by themselves, however, it is by no means legalised yet. So, Tesla implemented a safety measure that, even during Autopilot mode, means a driver needs to keep their hands on the steering wheel for the in-car sensors to measure.

The cheat device is a counterweight that you can install to either side of your steering wheel, which will essentially fool the Tesla into thinking that your hand is always on the steering wheel, and therefore will silence all the alarms and warnings.

In the latest news from TapTes, they have confirmed that they have removed all the "cheat" devices from their website, and they will destroy all units of the Tesla Autopilot counterweight.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tesla Model 3 Adventures on How To Fool The Tesla Autopilot System!

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