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Take a look at this incredible performance battle between the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW M3.

These two cars battling it out on the track may seem quite daft, to say the least. One is a purely electric commuter passenger vehicle, whilst the other is a hardcore, air-polluting, grease monkey hard-on-inspiring performance car.

Well, the Brits at Top Gear decided to put this to the test in a physical battle between the traditional pinnacle of performance capability in the shape of an iconic BMW M3, and the future of performance cars, the Tesla Model 3.

So first things first, a 1/4 mile drag race between petrol car performance, with the BMW M3, and the futuristic electric car, the Tesla Model 3. Both are incredibly quick off the line, but one thing to keep in mind is that the slightly cheaper Tesla Model 3 has 20 more horsepower than its petrol rival, the BMW M3. On paper, it has a faster 0-60mph time, but it 300kg heavier.

Next up in the battle of the future is a 0-100-0 race where both cars have to accelerate to 100mph and then stop as quicly as possible. The first car to complete this task in the shortest amount of time is the winner.

But time alone isn't enough to be crowned king in this case. Handling performance also plays a vital role, so a hot lap between the two cars comes next. And then, lastly, a drift ability test. Not that drifting will ever be a defining factor of whether or not to purchase a car, but we can all agree that it will always be a spectacular spectators sport!

Take a look at the fantastic battle between the petrol-guzzling BMW M3 vs the futuristic environmentally conscious Tesla Model 3, and find out who will be crowned king of the track between the two!

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