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Tesla has just broken another record with the Model S Plaid, this time it has broken the record around the Virginia International Raceway with no other than Christine Dodworth behind the wheel.

It goes without saying that the Tesla Model S Plaid is an astonishing car with unbelievable technology, power and of course speed.

It has already broken records around the Nurburging in Germany, it also has the fastest 0 - 100 kph of any production car with a sub 2 second time. What makes the Tesla Model S Plaid different to the rest of the Tesla lineup is the fact that it has a tri-electric motor and Tesla has tuned it to be the fastest car they have ever produced, well, that is until the next Tesla Roadster eventually makes it to the dealership.

The 1020 horsepower Tesla Model S Plaid has just broken the record Porsche set at the Virginia International Speedway by quite a substantial amount. With the professional racing driver Christine Dodworth behind the wheel of the Tesla Model S Plaid, the car went around the circuit an unbelievable 7 seconds faster than the flagship Porsche EV.

Unlike many people say about Tesla being only impressive in a short straight burst, Tesla has seemed to have really improved on other components of the car such as aerodynamics, suspension, braking and traction control which are all important components in getting around a race circuit faster and judging by the results of that incredible lap time, they have gotten it right!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on the Tesla Model S Plaid Records Are Getting Ridiculous...

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