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Electric cars are without a doubt the future of the automotive industry and after seeing what companies such as Tesla, Rimac and Polestar are doing and developing, it looks rather exciting unlike what we assumed in the past, but an electric car doesn't mean only the drivetrain is different, they can't even be compared to that of an internal combustion engine alternative as the feedback you get from them are completely different as well as other aspects such as the drive assists and stability controls.

So what does that mean for automotive racing? Well, it depends a lot on the type of motorsport. For circuit racing EV's actually perform quite well as you got that instant torque element and incredibly fast acceleration times, however, they are significantly heavier than that of a regular racecar.

But what about drifting?

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Drifts N' Lifts on How Good Are Tesla Model 3's For Drifting?

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