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A part of Tesla's enormous factory in Fremont caught on fire and could cause possible production delays.

Tesla factories are rather unique in comparison to other major carmakers and manufacturers. At Tesla, the cars' shell is not assembled using a variety of different parts, rather, it's manufactured using a large-scale diecast process. In order to achieve this, the largest stamping machines in the world are used.

These machines are so big that they don't even fit inside the Tesla Giga Factories, they actually stand outside, right next door, with a roof built over them.

Recently, one of these Giga Press Machines (as they're called) caught on fire at their Fremont factory in California. Due to the severe damage that the fire caused to this machine, Tesla fears this tragedy will cause delays on new Tesla cars and orders – especially with Tesla's updated manufacturing process of the Tesla Model Y.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Tesla California Factory In Flames.

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