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Been browsing around on TikTok and stumbling on car hack videos that blow your mind? Well, the guys from Donut Media put them through a test to see if some of them actually work, or if it's all fake just to get those likes in.

Here are some of the hacks they put to the test:

  • DIY window tint with paintbrushes, maple syrup, activated charcoal toothpaste and cling wrap.

  • Remove panel dents with hot glue sticks. The idea is to heat up one end of a hot glue stick, stick it into the dent then once it's glued nice and tight, pull on it to pop out the dent.

  • Start any car without a key using the correct combination and time pressing the hazards, push the radio button twice and then pull up on any two of the window buttons for around 3 seconds.

  • Use the door lock mechanism as a bottle opener.

  • Make a homemade putty to get rid of all the dust on your dashboard using glue, baking soda and a contact solution.

  • Monster Energy drink and Gatorade poured onto a windshield will instantly shatter it!

Which ones do you think actually work? Find out below...

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Donut Media, on We Tested Out TikTok Car Hacks...

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