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Although the Ram Night Edition isn't cheap – no full-size pickups really are anymore – it's a great truck! The Ram Night Edition rides smoothly and comfortably, the interiors are comfortable and they offer plenty of configuration choices!

What is unique about this pickup is the incredible ride quality with its coil-spring setup. This car is silky smooth on the highway, it's quiet and the adjustable air suspension makes it even better!

The 5.7-liter V8 is awesome and sounds like a hotrod in the Ram Night Edition. The eight-speed automatic shifts smoothly and almost imperceptibly! It also doesn't hunt around looking for the right gear.

The interior is equally as awesome. The dash-mounted shift knob is just one feature that gives you the feeling of having tons of space. The seats are super comfortable and the build quality looks good. FCA's UConnect centre screen is as intuitive as they come, and the big knobs for the fan speed, radio and other features make this car amazing. 

You get the black grille and wheels with the Night package – sexy, and tough as hell.

The editor of Autoweek had a different opinion about the Ram Night Edition:

"The trouble with “factory custom” packages is that, no matter how mean they look on the showroom floor, they tend to end up feeling dated pretty quickly. (Granted, this is true about almost every homebrew custom effort, too). Arguably, some factory trims, like the Ram 1500 Mossy Oak Edition, never looked good even when brand-new.


That said, the Night Edition doesn’t take things too far for its own good. The blacked-out badges are subtle, or at least as subtle as a two-foot tall RAM on the tailgate can ever be, and the exhaust sounds really great.


Oh, and it’s a truck, so once you’ve removed the tonneau cover (a fairly simple operation thanks to the easy-to operate fastening system), you can chuck stuff in the bed -- that $495 bedliner should be mandatory -- and let that Hemi roar off into the, uh, night.


This thing doesn’t have a full-length bed; most of the mid- and full-size trucks we test these days don’t. Since I’m often hauling drywall or full sheets of plywood, I take it for granted that I’m going to have to bring along my own straps to keep things from flying out of the back. The integrated bed extender works great for keeping longer stuff in check, though (think 2x4s and trim), and it also works as a bed divider if you want to stop stuff from sliding around.


You’ve probably noticed that most everything I’ve complimented can be had on a regular Ram 1500. On the other hand, the stuff this Night Edition Ram offers over a standard 1500 -- the attitude, the ride, the growl and punch of a good V8 -- is stuff that I want…but on a Challenger, not a full-size pickup. To me, a truck is a tool, not where I want to focus my efforts to define a personal style.  


But there are people who are legitimately into tricked out trucks, and I honestly can’t hold that against them -- it's just a matter of taste. If you’re one of them, and the Night Edition happens to catch your eye, know that you’ll be getting everything we’ve liked about the Ram 1500 since it debuted along to back up those blacked-out badges."

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