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Check out these incredible first cars that you could own for under $3,000!

First cars are meant to be cheap, fun and somewhat reliable as well, but for a car fanatic, the list is significantly smaller for obvious reasons...

But that doesn't mean that you cannot find a banger of a car for a fantastic deal that fits your budget and needs perfectly well. Don't get us wrong, however, we are not taking into account daddy's money that will land you a brand new VW Golf GTI right out of the box or a Lamborghini Huracan for that matter either!

These cars mentioned in this list are ones that YOU can buy if you're determined enough to save your extra bank at the end of the month from your side hustle and or weekend job...Isn't that just so much more exciting and rewarding anyways?

Here are 5 incredibly good first cars for car enthusiasts that you can pick up for less than $3,000:

  1. Subaru Impreza WRX (Bugeye) - The WRX Bugeye has a cult following and for good reason. Subaru has a rich rally racing pedigree so you know that this car handles incredibly well, and although not the fastest car around, it is still pretty impressive, even in today's standard. Plus, you get the practicality of 4 doors and it has huge tuning potential as well.
  2. Mazda Speed 3 - Mazda is one of those names that is known for reliability, well, maybe not for their rotary cars, but they are iconic nevertheless. The Mazda Speed 3 is again a practical and affordable performance car that houses great tuning potential and is cheap to maintain and ensure as well.
  3. Honda Civic Del Sol - Although the Civic Del Sol might not win any awards for its looks, it is just a Targa top version of the Civic which we know is a great car. And after all, this car is the successor to the iconic Honda CR-X!
  4. Dodge Neon SRT-4 - The Dodge Neon that you could buy in Need For Speed Underground was a great choice of car in the game, now you can actually own a real one and the SRT-4 is the one with all those lovely ponies under the hood!
  5. Mazda MX-5 Miata - If you're the kind of car enthusiast that appreciates handling over speed then the Miata is for you! Again, this is a car with massive modification and drifting potential.

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