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The Ariel Atom was one of those cars that were purposely designed for one function and one purpose in particular and that was to get around a racetrack quickly and as fast as possible as to give the driver a real sense of speed and that the Ariel Atom did exceptionally well, so well in fact that even Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear became a meme after driving one and having his lips flap about due to the sheer speed of the hoonigan.

However, like all other car companies, the Ariel Atom had to be updated eventually. It has been quite a few years since the original Ariel Atom got released, and now we are on the fourth version of the racecar, but just how well does the fourth variant of the incredible track car compare to today's variants?

Take a look at the video below by the YoUTube channel: Fifth Gear on the Ariel Atom 4 Test Drive - Fifth Gear Test, First Drive And Comparison...

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