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In case you missed it, the Bloodhound's final test run for 2019 saw it exceed its target, reaching a top speed of 624mph / 1010kph in 50-seconds.

Considering the Bloodhound project almost went bust roughly a year ago, this is quite the achievement – which should make new investor, British entrepreneur Ian Warhurst, very happy.

Arriving at the Hakskeenpan in South Africa, their goal was to hit 600mph with the aid of its afterburner at full tilt, which it nailed effortlessly, topping out at 624mph in 50-seconds, with 54,000bhp pushing it along.

Needless to say, with this small yet significant achievement, the goal of hitting the magical 1000mph is one step closer to being reached. And, with the availability of electric power that wasn't around a decade ago when the Bloodhound was conceived, there are plenty of options to help feed the afterburner and accompanying rockets the fuel they need to travel at 447 metres per second.

To learn more and to see the latest run, press play on the video below.

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