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A visit to Cuba reveals a truly magnificent car culture, and Mighty Car Mods explores Havana, delivering another exceptional automotive documentary. It's time to check out MCM: The Cars Of Cuba.

When Fidel Castro overthrew the Cuban government in the 50s, the trade embargo by the United States saw an immediate cease of car parts for the thousands of US vehicles sold in the decades before.

This also forced the Cuban populace to use their ingenuity to keep their cars running, and it's become such a huge part of their culture that cars are a massive status symbol.

After the Americans moved out, the Russians moved in, which meant that there was a huge influx of cars like Lada's. With the collapse of the USSR, Cuba found itself considered part of Latin America and, in fact, became a founding member of the United Nations. 

A struggling economy with very few car parts available has led to many Frankenstein vehicles being built. Picture this, a Suzuki Jimny rear, a Jeep front, Kia Sportage bull bar and accessories, and a Peugeot powerplant.

Needless to say, the car culture is incredibly unique, as is the spectacular dedication and devotion the Cuban's have for keeping these vehicles on the road. So, press play on the video below and join Marty and Moog as they show us The Cars Of Cuba.

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