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Rob Parsons, aka Chairslayer, has brought his 600hp Nissan 180SX to the Hoonigan's Burnyard to show us how he drifts this beast using hand controls. Respect!

Rob broke his back riding dirtbikes, which put him in a wheelchair. Hence the Chairslayer moniker. But, not to give up on his petrolhead dreams, he converted his this Nissan 180SX into a drift car operated by hand controls.

He's also installed a supercharged V8 that pumps out 600hp, not to mention the host of other modifications required to cool the motor and get it to drift like a king.

He's brought it to the Hoonigan drift track for the first time and gives us a detailed overview of the traditional modifications, plus a ton of custom fabrication both under the hood as well as in the cabin.

Creating a drift car without pedals is not common, so Chairslayer had to figure out how to do it by himself. He had help along the way but, ultimately, this is one killer drifter!

Click play to find out about the car and see how it shreds with Chairslayer behind the... er... handlebar?

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