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A day out is always a good thing. Time away from the office and the stresses of daily life can negatively affect your wellbeing and so it’s never a bad idea to take a little break for some ‘me time’. If you’re one of the really, really lucky ones, that day off from the world could end up being one of the best days ever, like this group who not only had a cheat day, they managed to spend the day driving some of Lamborghini’s finest supercars.

No one would complain about having one of these Italian supercars at their disposal for a day, even if the petrol isn’t paid for by someone else, but we’re pretty sure here at SXdrv that a corporate petrol card was used so much that the accounts department at Lamborghini would need to field calls from the bank to see what’s happening. Luckily this was an official Lamborghini event called the Winter Drive.

For the Lamborghini Winter Drive, a contingent of what can arguably be called the world’s luckiest drivers got to take the full current Lamborghini range of supercars on a road trip through some of the most breathtaking and picturesque scenery that Europe has to offer. While the world is leaning towards video content these days, a video of this event just wouldn’t be as cool as the possible photographic coverage. Sure a video would have been cool, but having to pause it to see the scenery and having to take screenshots to share with friends just isn’t the same as a full set of crystal clear and crisp hi-resolution images. With the paint options available from Lamborghini, the amazing colours popped against the wintery white backgrounds in between the amazing old buildings.

The 2022 Lamborghini Winter Drive started in, Sant’Agata Bolognese, a small comune in the North of Italy that also serves as the headquarters for Lamborghini, along an amazing 500km route pegged to end at a popular ski resort on the peaks of the Cervino mountain, known as the ‘most noble rock in Europe’. It’s on the border of Italy and Switzerland and the sweeping roads in the area make for amazing driving in just about any weather. The route was specifically created so that the participants of the Lamborghini Winter Drive could properly experience not only the sights and sounds, but also the power and handling of the range of Lamborghinis. As you’d expect, the driving section wasn’t just limited to public roads because official speed limits are broken with ridiculous ease when driving a Lamborghini, and so an ice circuit was set up. Jealous yet?

The long route to the Cervino mountains included sections running through the Bologna city centre via the autoroute to Valle d'Aosta in the north western part of Italy and then on to challenging mountain roads towards the ski resort in Cervinia. From there the roaring convoy tackled the breathtaking climb to the mountain-top castle of Forte di Bard, another amazing sight to see that was originally built in the 19th century. An official Lamborghini Winter Drive just wouldn't be the same without something a little extra thrown into the mix. It was at this point that the entire convoy was surprised by a snowboarder that caused a bit of a heart-stopping moment by jumping the Lamborghini Urus that was on display at the world-class Plan Maison snow park. Once again, an amazing opportunity for some top quality images.

It’s safe to say that the 2022 Lamborghini Winter Drive was a complete success, not only did those really, really lucky people get to attend, the resulting photographic content is simply brilliant. The SXdrv crew will happily attend the 2023 instalment of the Lamborghini Winter drive, we’ll keep checking our inboxes for that invite...

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