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There have been many reports lately about driving test instructors instantly failing people that are driving Tesla vehicles soon after the driving test begins, but whether or not they are good reasons, we'd just leave it up to you to decide...

For example, there was a report of one person in particular who failed twice whilst undergoing a driving licence test behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3. The report states that the first time the driver attempted the test, he failed due to the fact that he was driving in "Chill Mode" which reduced the car's power and making it far easier to drive.

Secondly, the driver on his second attempt at passing his driving license test failed yet again because he was driving with the "automatic engaging" braking system which essentially performs a percentage of the braking for the driver as a safety feature.

Does this mean that you should stay away from doing your driver's license test in a Tesla, or does it mean that the licencing departments and traffic laws associated with them need to be updated?

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Beware Of Driving Tests With A Tesla...

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