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Date: 2019-06-06

This 1927 T-bucket rat rod is insane. In fact, this death trap is claimed to be the fastest of its kind in California.

We tune into another episode of Build Biology where we're introduced to Bad Daddy Braddy and his, frankly, frightening 1000hp 1927 T-bucket. The fastest one in California. Apparently.

According to their channel, "Bad Daddy Braddy's 1927 LS1 T-bucket is a backyard built, 1000 horsepower bucket of death that goes down the quarter mile in just a hair under 9 seconds. Learn how Brad is chasing 8s with his budget build style."

As is the style of these episodes, Brad takes us through the build, from outside to inside and everything underneath. It's really informative and shows us how (relatively) cheap you can actually create a competitive T-bucket for yourself.

And, what hot rod show would be complete without a burnout inside the Hoonigan garage? Damn, I love these cars.

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