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The Acura Integra was without a doubt a car purely designed for those who love cars, driving and performance back in the 1990s and still remains nothing shy of an absolute icon in today's JDM car culture.

However, Honda, after decades of waiting, has finally debuted its all new and updated model for 2023.

At first glance we get a sense of overwhelming disappointment as Honda has seemed to have done exactly what Mitsubishi did with the new Eclipse, well, not making it into an SUV, but rather just releasing an entirely new vehicle that resembles nothing to that of the car that started its legacy and just games it the same name. The new Integra is better than the Eclipse in a lot of ways, it is a "drivers" car, well at least that's what they say, but we can agree that it was at least based around the idea of it being one. It does come in a manual and is turbocharged, but it is nowhere near as performance orientated as the original one was.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Kirk Kreifels on the Integra Is Back! But Here's What We Still Don't Know...

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