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Say hello to the Polaris MRZR-D4 4x4 All-Terrain vehicle, but if you're into off-road adventures and safari missions with the fam’ on a long weekend holiday vibe, then this sh*t is NOT for you!

The Polaris MRZR-D4 is the ultimate BEAST MODE terrain destroyer. What's even more outrageous about this particular ATV is, it's so badass the US military wanted in on this off-road action…

Now, before everybody gets all “But hey, Roscoe, what about the extreme 2018 Polaris RZR turbo diesel, with its 925 CC, 4-Stroke DOHC, twin cylinder, painted in the awesomely named 'Velocity Blue-Ghost Gray', that is so cool 'cause it's so much faster… and blah blah?!”

Chill, Mother f@#kers!…

Although the Polaris MRZR-D4 is a bit old, it’s still, by no means a run of the mill side by side… and it's way more interesting for one main reason; the Polaris MRZR-D4 is 199.89% made for the US military!

This tactical vehicle is powered by a 993cc four-stroke SOHC three-cylinder turbo diesel engine coupled to an automatic, continuously variable transmission. It's not the fastest but, for an all-terrain vehicle, it's all power all the time. With electronic power steering it's way easier to control – especially off-road – wouldn't you say? Featuring superior smart suspension Fox shocks with 13.5 inches of suspension travel, hmm... I'd say that’s high enough! And 2-6 man seating space – ok wait! WAIT…

Please tell me you’re picturing a bunch of wasted mates, after an awesome bachelors party, blasting through abandoned back hills of some secluded B&B somewhere at the fading hours of the night, hanging outta this thing? hahaha… well, that's kinda what I saw, just now!

Ok back to it!

All these things give the Polaris MRZR-D4 an insane overview of face-melting awesomeness, and who said marines can’t have a bit of fun?

So, why would the military use this ATV? It's small, there's minimal protection and it's an easy enough target for the enemy…

Sure! but at the same time, that small, lightweight structure is perfect for darting through crevasses in hills and the diverse suspension system makes it nimble enough to outmanoeuvre its heavy, chunky rivals. Because of its light weight, the Polaris MRZR-D4 is a perfectly engineered piece of equipment for theatre (operation) ready transport. It can be stowed away, with tonnes of space to spare, in other awesome military type aircraft like the CH-47 Chinook or CH-53 helicopters, V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor transport or even the C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft.

In danger-close tactical operations, the Polaris MRZR-D4 shines for covert 6 man strike team assaults and rapid payload drops. What also makes the Polaris MRZR-D4 an amazingly practical ATV for the military is its capacity for mission-specific versatility for covert ops, recon ops and blackout drives, while its modular area capabilities – like machine gun mounting and additional seat mount capabilities – for extra back-up or additional cargo/payload space is super handy.

In conclusion, if you ask me, power over the all around balance that the Polaris MRZR-D4 doesn't grab my attention. The Polaris still has the ability to turn what you thought was a stomach, into an endless vortex of adrenaline, injecting beast jizz that’ll leave you on the floor wanting more. Like a pornstar that just got… well PAWNED, I guess!

Not to mention the fact that the Polaris MRZR-D4 is designed for the US military which is awesome in its own right. Hands down, the all-terrain Polaris MRZR-D4 not only makes for a fun weekend but is also a decent tactical beast, just in case sh*t goes south super fast!

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