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The Race-ist is a South African based movie filled with racing and a humorous storyline.

South Africa was never really on the map when it came to big production movies that make it to cinema locally, nevermind worldwide. However, in later years, that is not necessarily the case.

Back in April 2010, a movie by Andrew Wilmot, aptly titled "The Race-ist" hit NuMetro cinemas nationwide. The plot is based around a kid (Lukas - played by Craig Palm) who grew up in the eighties in South Africa - during the apartheid era, with an African mother and a white father (played by Jonathan Pienaar) - and has a dream of becoming a race driver. In later years he gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue his life long dream together with two bio-chemists from Brakpan who discover a revolutionary bio-fuel formula with Lukas being their official team race driver. But in such a competitive industry Xander van der Kloof (played by Kurt Darren) wants to buy over the bio-fuel formula but the two owners have the intention of going open source with it. Xander then has a sidekick dirty racer: Fresh (played by DJ Fresh) who tries to make Lukas's life that much more difficult but in all retrospect, Lukas just wants to build a relationship with his father around their racing passion.

So whether you're South African or from abroad, give the Fast & Furious a break for one night and grab a copy of The Race-ist, your favourite easy-chair, kick off your shoes and enjoy this locally made action-packed movie that is all based around racing - for a change!

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