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Window tinting has been a go-to modification for decades and not only for the practical benefits, but also to give the car a more badass look. But the darker you go, the more attention you'll draw, and not only the good kind either, the 5-O might come knocking!

Window tints are measured using the Visibly Light Transmission Percentage, which simply dictates how much light can pass any darkness of window tinting. So for example, a window tint of 20% is darker than a tint of 60% as only 20% of the light value can pass through it.

Depending on what state or country you may live in, local laws around the maximum window tint may be more strict than others. So best find out what that is before installing any form of aftermarket window tint on your car!

Window tints are great for privacy in traffic, and offer better cooling in hot climates. The real issue comes at night time as it drastically reduces visibility.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Cameron Alford, on Illegal Window Tint – The Reality!

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