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This video technically isn’t a true prank clip, since there’s no intentional set up for the ending, but it certainly ends up playing out like one for these guys sitting harmlessly in this car that apparently has mirror tint on the windows.

I think we’ve all seen girls stop to fix their makeup, adjust their clothing, and give their hair a quick fix in the reflective surface of a car window, so it really isn’t the most shocking thing in the world to see that again, only this time the perspective is from the other side of the glass.

Someone here is just sitting in the car, likely enjoying the air conditioning on a hot day or perhaps just waiting on someone to join them in the car. It doesn’t really matter other than to set up the unsuspecting young lady passing by for a hell of a surprise.

As you can see, this attractive girl decides to give herself a parking lot makeover right there in the window of the car, using the reflective surface to check her makeup, adjust her tight top – multiple times, might I add – and then starts digging for gold in her nose!

Just as her impromptu glam session appears to be coming to an end, the window rolls down and her reaction is priceless.

This is why you need to always be keenly aware of your surroundings ladies. You never know who might be lurking on the other side of that window you’re primping in.

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