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Like a shooting arrow, the KTM X-Bow is definitely the weapon of choice if you're looking for tack sharp precision, on the road or in this case, the racetrack.

When KTM, the very famous motorbike manufacturer announced that they would be making their first car, the world was quite stunned. KTM has always had some of the most awesome offroad bikes available, but how would they fair in producing a motor car? The answer is short and simple, AWESOME! 

The KTM X-Bow was first launched at the Geneva motorshow in 2008 and took the world by storm. It was radical, futuristic and basically looked just like their bikes, but just on four wheels. The car is powered by a 2.0L TFSi motor, made by Audi/VW, producing 177kW and because of it's light weight, can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 3.9 seconds - pretty impressive isn't it. 

This KTM right here though is a completely different beast altogether. It was originally a KTM X-Bow Clubsport, which means it already comes with upgraded suspension and better performance. That wouldn't cut it though, and almost everything on this track demon was upgraded even more. It now has a 335kW power output, which comes courtesy of an ARP intake as well as exhaust manifold, Flowed head, Titanium valves, ARP rods, ARP pistons and Black bearings. It also saw the addition of an uprated Garrett ball bearing turbo for more BOOST, Life racing direct injection management system, metallic ceramic coated race exhaust and a shiny Carbon fiber air intake. The car was then tuned to run on 109 octane race fuel instead of the normal 95 octane it normally uses, allowing it that magical new power figure. The stock 6-speed manual gearbox was also removed in favour of a Billet aluminium sequential gearbox which is mated to a racing clutch. 

To help with changing tyres at the track, an air jack system was installed, making tyre changes a real breeze. To aid downforce on the track, a Carbon fiber rear wing and a Carbon fiber front diffuser was added to the car's body. Extra power and downforce are all good and well but if you can't put the power down on the road it's all in vein, so added under the arches are Volk Racing magnesium wheels and very sticky Hankook race slicks. Getting the car to stop quickly is another story and that's the work of the floating vented racing discs and racing brakepads. A brake bias system was installed into the car as well, allowing the driver to make any changes that is needed to get the brake balance at the optimum point. No car is complete without a proper suspension though, so of course a full racing suspension was installed into the car to get it to go around those corners as good as possible.

This beast of a half-naked machine might not be legal to use on the road, but on the track it's probably one of the most fun and rewarding cars you can ever drive!


Car Specs

Model: KTM X-Bow Clubsport
Power: 335kW
Engine: 2.0L TFSi, ARP intake manifold, ARP exhaust manifold, Flowed head, Titanium valves, ARP rods, ARP pistons, Black bearings, Uprated Garrett ball bearing turbo, Life racing direct injection management system, 109 octane race fuel tuned, metallic ceramic coated race exhaust, Carbon fiber air intake
Gearbox: Billet aluminium sequential gearbox, Racing clutch
Exterior: Air jack system, Carbon fiber rear wing, Carbon fiber front diffuser
Interior: Custom moulded race seat, AIM management system
Wheels: Volk Racing magnesium wheels, Hankook race slicks
Brakes: Brake bias system, Floating vented racing discs, Racing brakepads
Suspension: Racing suspension





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