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The world recently caught its first sighting of UPfit's contribution to the next generation of police vehicles, via Unplugged Performance. With changing times come evolving needs law enforcement and EVs are the next logical step. The UPfit patrol car is a Tesla Model Y, designed to always be in an "on" state, supporting onboard electronics and always being ready to respond. A conventional police car can use thousands of litres of fuel yearly when idling, which police cars do a lot, and an EV already starts the saving just by doing nothing. Why Tesla? It's simple, Tesla's dominance in high-volume EV production makes it a clear leader in the field, and the cars boast low ownership costs, minimal downtime, robust infrastructure support, and a proven track record of safety and performance. The peace of mind that law enforcement demands is fully met by Tesla's offerings. Tesla vehicles are also readily available, primed for immediate upfitting, and a big bonus is Tesla's charge-port innovation being adopted as the new North American Charging Standard by competing brands worldwide.

This monumental debut isn't just about showcasing a vehicle; it's about setting the stage for a greener, safer, and more efficient law enforcement future. The Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle will soon hit the streets of South Pasadena, marking a pioneering move as the first city in the US to transition its entire police fleet to EVs. This is more than an evolution; it's a revolution powered by innovation and commitment. “Selecting Tesla as the platform for our Tesla Patrol Vehicles is a testament to the unparalleled engineering excellence and proven performance they offer,” stated James Hedland, Director of Fleet at Unplugged Performance. “By leveraging Tesla’s technology, we are proud to deliver law enforcement solutions that are not just cutting-edge but also reliable and sustainable, empowering officers to serve their communities with confidence.” This all sounds really great, and will surely eventually be seen happening worldwide. Although there may be a different breed of criminal in the States, because here in SA the bad guys will just burn down all the charging stations. That’s if they actually work, we do have the world’s worst power utility that likes to keep the power off.

Take a look at the YouTube video that sees a bunch of people who know about these things discussing why an all-electric fleet of police vehicles makes sense, and how it can help save police departments some good money, and keep safe too: World's First 100% EV Police Fleet Saves Taxpayers $300k | Unplugged Performance

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