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Sleeper cars, by design, are built to surprise. This Ford Mustang does just that. Besides a set of aftermarket wheels and tyres, you would have no idea it can push out over 1400hp.

In this episode of That Racing Channel, we meet Will Barnett from RareFab who gives us a rundown on two Ford Mustangs, one with 1000hp and the other with a whopping 1400hp. Both vehicles are running RareFab Sleeper Turbo Kits which take just two weeks to install and tune on the dyno.

You would never say that these two are pushing out so many horses, though, because they look stock. Well, besides the aftermarket wheels and tyres that is. There are other hints, such as the intercooler behind the front grill, but that's been blacked out so it's less obvious.

Popping the hood should give it away, but not with the Sleeper Turbo Kit installed because they place the twin turbos underneath the car, out of sight unless it's on a lift.

In fact, everything in the engine bay is so perfectly mounted and installed that, unless you're well-versed in the makeup of the Mustang's 5.0-litre V8, you would think it arrived from the factory like that.

Will takes us on a tour around the vehicle, explaining all the components that are available in their turnkey package, from the turbos to the piping, the ECU, exhaust and shocks. It's an outstanding package to be sure.

Hop on board, and you're greeted with a relatively stock, air-conditioned interior. There are a couple of new gauges, but they are integrated into the dash seamlessly.

The cars are set up to be comfortable daily drivers, but smash the gas pedal and those two turbos come into their own, propelling the Mustang's forward as if it weighed as much as a classic Mini. They are tuned specifically for reliability, with newer models able to withstand more boost, with most of them leaving the workshop on around 950hp, but some clients want as much as possible, hence the 1400hp in the car above.

Will and his team do really good work, so beware the next time you pull up at a traffic light and you challenge the Mustang next to you. It may be one of RareFabs rockets.

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