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So... first things first. Some of you may immediately think it's blasphemy to chop up a Jaguar E-Type, insert a 1JZ and turn it into a drift car, but there's more to this story.

Hoonigan Autofocus introduces us to a young gentleman named Charlie Seward, who is responsible for this insane vehicle. Widely considered by many as the most beautiful car ever created, Jaguar purists may vomit at the sight of this creation, yet, it's glorious to behold when you consider it's a drift car that also goes drag racing.

Charlie tells us that he had a 1JZ motor sitting in his workshop and he wanted to make something special, but he didn't have anything suitable to put it into except a few parts of a Jaguar E-Type, that was busted in half, "sitting in a chicken coop".

The idea seemed ludicrous, but with no funds available to buy something else, they set about building a chassis that could accommodate the Jag's body panels and the 1JZ upfront to power it.

With a bucketload of planning, fabrication and tinkering, Charlie and his team used their skills to create almost everything you see from scratch. As Charlie takes us on a tour, it's clear to see how much work went into this build, and there's more to come as they want to get the car dragging from the low 11s into the 9s.

It is a beautiful creation in its own right, and we love it!

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