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TJ Hunt joins an elite club of drifters who have put their racecars into the wall at the Irwindale Speedway. This is how he crashed his Nissan 350z comp car there.

Boys will be boys, especially when they have a racetrack in front of them and tyres to burn. It's fun, though, right? So we can't blame the guys, we'd do the same thing.

It's all fun and games, though, until someone smooches the wall. In this case, TJ Hunt and his Nissan 350z comp car are the lucky winners. It's a great day at the races, practising with some of the best drifters in the world at the infamous Irwindale Speedway.

Hunt's comp car is a widebody Nissan 350z with a 600whp Samsonas 2JZ swap and a few other extras that make it go like stink. It's a car he's comfortable with, but the speedway, not so much. It has high, banked turns that demand commitment, any doubt will end in tears.

He's trying out different tyres too, but he's got the pros with him to give advice. That doesn't count for much, unfortunately, when upshifts to fourth gear mid-turn, loses traction in the front and slides straight into the wall, ending his day.

The car sustains a fair whack of damage and needs to be towed away, but at least the action didn't. TJ Hunt gets back out there, albeit in the passenger seat, to see how the professionals do it. 

Check out all the action and more in TJ Hunt's video below.

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