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Top Gear season 30 is going to be launching soon and, based on their trailer, here are the exciting cars you can expect to see in the upcoming 2021 season.

The BBC's backing behind the world's most popular car show allows them to feature some of the most exclusive, expensive and rare cars available. They have never failed to do so in 30 successful seasons, and the new 2021 season is no different at all!

Based on the new trailer, here are some of the cars you can expect to see in the new Top Gear season:

  1. Aston Martin DB5
  2. Lotus Esprit S1
  3. Toyota 2000GT
  4. TVR Chimaera
  5. Toy-ari (Toyota MR2 with a Ferrari body kit)
  6. Vauxhall Monaro
  7. Land Rover Defender
  8. Mercedes AMG G63
  9. Ariel Nomad
  10. Extreme E racer
  11. BMW 323i
  12. Ford Fiesta
  13. Ford Cortina
  14. Ferrari Roma
  15. Alfa Romeo GTA-R
  16. Lamborghini Sian
  17. Toyota Yaris

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Top Gear, on THE CARS OF NEW TOP GEAR Season 30: Lamborghini Sián, Bond Cars, Ferrari Roma, Extreme E | Top Gear.

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