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Take a look at everything you need to know about the Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

Car manufacturer racing divisions. We have heard of a lot of them before, such as Subaru's STI or Subaru Tecnica international, or even Rouch for Ford, and Toyota is no different with their Toyota Racing Development division, or TRD for short.

TRD started off as a small company that did tune-up services to locally owned Toyota's after World War II to keep their customer's cars running during this tough time. Because new cars were out of the question for most Japanese people financially, the idea of racing was non-existent and didn't come until much later.

One relatively nearby country that was taking car racing more seriously, however, was Australia, especially their love for rally racing. So much in fact, that the Australian government approached the Japanese consulate about having Japanese teams participate in their rally races, which they accepted. All of a sudden, the need to modify racecars was in the air for Toyota and thus the Toyota Racing Development or TRD for short was born!

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