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Presenter of The Daily Show Trever Noah interviews F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and talks all things F1.

International standup comedian and TV presenter Trever Noah welcomes his new guest on The Daily Show, Daniel Ricciardo. Noah continues to humorously ask about his unconventional "happy" character within the spotlight in F1, and if that's just who he is or if that's how all Australians are? To which Daniel responds: "For me, growing up in Australia with the sun and close to the beach, it turns your personality into a bit of happiness". In F1 Daniel Ricciardo is called "the clown prince" because of his character.

Noah mentions that the F1 sport is growing in the United States rapidly, and largely due to the new Netflix series called F1: Drive To Survive, has helped to put names to faces in F1 more widely around the world. One major factor in the series is the question as to why Ricciardo left F1 championship-winning team, Red Bull, for Renault. Ricciardo explains that in the F1 sport, winning is largely to do with equipment, and switching teams is a gamble, but what sold him was the equipment Renault is offering in F1.

Take a look at The Daily Show interview with Daniel Ricciardo and Trevor Noah in the video below.

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