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Back in 2012, Renault introduced the world to the Zoe EV, and since 2013, with over 50 000 units sold it's been the best selling electric vehicle in the French market. 

But that's not why we're here today. Instead, we want to introduce you to the Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept. Renault is trying to advance interest in their Formula E racer, so they put forward the concept of an electric hot hatch. The brief? Simple, 'have fun'!

And that's what they've done. Using two motors from their Formula E racer to turn both axles, pumping out 456bhp and 472lb ft when set to race, plus a track-specific chassis, large 20-inch alloys and over 100kg's shaved off, it's a hoot.

The electric blue exterior is complete with an aggressive grill up front, a smart-looking diffuser out back, radical air-scoops on the sides and a large spoiler up top – all in carbon fibre with a splattering of yellow to complete the look. A not-so-subtle nod to its Formula–E sibling.

Inside it's all bucket seats, roll cage, futuristic toggle switches for basic functions like selecting one of the four driver modes, and... that's about it. There's no air-con – not even a fan, the door handles are a simple lever attached to an exposed cable. And it is sublime.

It's not off the line as quickly as one would expect but once on the go, it's hilariously glorious. Throttle response is immediate, turn-in with the short wheelbase is super but with a touch of the brake pedal, the rear will let loose ever so progressively, allowing you to drift with the throttle if that tickles your fancy.

The bad news is this concept will probably never see production as it is, but if this is how Renault sees the future of engaging electric vehicles then I think we're in for a treat. 

Check out the video below to see what the guys at the FullyChargedShow had to say.

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